Pressing Matters – No 8

Pressing Matters, Issue 8 –– Workspaces
Pressing Matters, Issue 8 –– Overhead of Littlejohn Proofing Anthology Project
Pressing Matters, Issue 8 –– Workspace Overview

We are delighted to have our work space featured in the current Pressing Matters Magazine which is available from Friday 23rd of August 2019. Many thanks to James Barnett and John Coe. We are great fans of this publication.

Hamilton Wood Type – New Impressions Exhibition 2019


We are pleased to say that Work & Turn Collective have been selected to take part in the Hamilton Wood Type New Impressions exhibition in Two Rivers, Wisconsin this year.

The third in a series of six posters developed in response to El Lissitzky’s seminal book ‘For the Voice’. This poster embraces the visual language of the Dada movement through its use of layout, colour and scale. The poster uses a range of wood type, ornament, blocks and found objects in homage to the principles of early modernism. In the production of this poster there has been careful consideration of the printed surface onto an off-white recycled paper stock and the use of fluorescent printing ink to communicate a contemporary edge. This poster was printed on a Western 4 Mk II press with the metal type printed in Grotesque.

The exhibition is on from May 25th to June 30th 2019.

Hamilton Wood Type Museum